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Features of Celladapta 3D-Bioprinters


Performance of 3D Printer For Celladapta


Some Unique Features Of this Device

Highly Accurate Mechanical Control

System With Optical Sensors

Special Designed Automated Printing Bed

For User Convenience

Completely Isolated And

Sterile Environment

Printing Chamfer Temperature

CO2 and Moisture Control

Our Team

Some Unique Features Of this Device

Celladapta has started its activity with an experienced staff in the field of production of bio printers. The main goal of the company is to produce high quality bio printers with unique features. bio printers that has the ability to produce natural tissues and with high efficiency can transfer bio printing technology from the laboratory to real operating rooms. Celladapta's main goal is to solve the limitations of existing bio printers.

Limitations such as lack of precise control, fast and convenient operation, homogeneous and simultaneous printing of cells and biomaterials, as well as increasing cell efficiency. The device easy use mode will eliminate complex user challenges.

The main goal of the company is to produce completely functional and different bio printers. bio printers made with a simultaneous understanding of medicine and mechanics. A device that will link the precision and progress of design in engineering to the needs of medicine.